A New Update Brings Link To ‘Super Mario Maker 2’


Super Mario Maker 2 has gotten some new updates, and they’re adding a whole bunch of flavors to the game; including a new character.

On December 5th 2019, the free update added some new tools such as a dash block that increases speed when touched, and P-Blocks that can be used with P-Switches to create new platforms and traps. There’s also a couple classic Mario enemies that have been added such as Pokey and Spike to really help vary up your levels.

But the biggest addition to Super Mario Maker 2 is the Master Sword item in the Super Mario Bros. theme, which transforms Mario into Link from The Legend of Zelda. This isn’t just an aesthetic change either; Link has access to his bombs, arrows, dash attack, and more.

While all the enemies will remain as Super Mario enemies, the music as well as the sound effects when certain items are picked up are classic Zelda, NES style.

You can get a peak of what these updates look like by watching the Nintendo update video: