Hungrybox Appears In A Campbell’s Soup Commercial


When mainstream corporate advertising collides with esports, it makes for a…unique treat.

Campbell’s Chunky Soup has gone all-out with a new ad featuring Super Smash Bros. Melee legend Hungrybox and…his mom? The 30-second commercial has the classic feel of an overly cheesy ad that would play during any prime-time television break. 

This commercial likely won’t play during actual television broadcasts (it appears to be made specifically for the Twitch website) but it’s a fascinating development to see such a renowned company dive into the esports world like this. And while there will be some people who are jaded that competitive gaming is getting more involved with the corporate mainstream, this ad is just hammy enough that you can’t help but smile. Hungrybox’s mom also provides a wholesome touch that makes the whole thing worth it.

You can check the commercial below: