Someone Built A Zelda Game In Dragon Quest Builders 2 And It’s Amazing


Human creativity is a beautiful thing, and watching someone recreate a wonderful game using another wonderful game is a miracle of the modern day.

BenXC is a content creator who makes truly incredible levels in Dragon Quest Builders 2, an action-RPG sandbox game where players can create an entire world to their liking, similar to Minecraft. By giving the tools to the players, we’re able to see some truly imaginative Dragon Quest worlds.

But some people go above and beyond for truly memorable creations, and that’s what BenXC did: by recreating a Legend of Zelda game in a perfect 3-dimensional format.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – Reborn

It took him over half a year, but BenXC has recreated the world map to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in Dragon Quest Builders 2, and the end result is near-perfect.

To quote the video, the project took “over 150 hours to make, over 2,500 hand-planted trees and over 300,000 blocks placed by hand.” It is absolutely worth the wait, because Zelda fans will find an almost exact replica of the classic game. It’s been joked that BenXC will be sued by Nintendo for an unauthorized 3D fan remake of the game; it looks that good.

If you’re a classic Zelda fan or just want to see some incredible Dragon Quest Builders creativity, check out the teaser trailer below:

If you happen to own Dragon Quest Builders 2, the ID for this world (as found in the trailer description) is: npyrd8ZJVM