The Time A Call Of Duty Player Broke Up With His Girlfriend And Got Roasted


Gamers and girlfriends have been struggling together ever since video games first popped up. One player, however, had apparently figured out the right balance; he’s not only a professional Call of Duty player, but he’s also been dating someone who’s been referred to as the “world’s sexiest weathergirl.”

FaZe and Yanet Garcia were an unlikely match, and helped lift stigmas over the gaming community. Instead of being basement dwelling, smelly nerds, gamers could make millions! Date models! Live that good life! Things were looking up in the hardcore gaming world.

That is until FaZe threw it all away.

In a YouTube video uploaded on July 21st, 2018, FaZe publicly spoke about their breakup, citing no ill-will but solely a desire to focus on his YouTube channel, as well as his competitive Call of Duty career.

On one hand, you can understand it: wanting to focus on your career, trying to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of esports. FaZe’s fans, however, we’re not so open-minded, and the comments on the video showed that in spades:

He chose cod over yanet smh. And he still lost the tournament . You messed up. – Coke a Cola

You believe you have the best muscles and face, but sorry your head is empty 😹😹😹😹 – Mj Micuenta

Some people, however, supported his decision to focus on himself:

everyone is hating because he chose his career over her… he makes 900k a year playing this game. id definitely do the same shit he did – Dennis Botelho

i broke up with yanet……”why?” I WANA GRIND COD.. WHAT YA MEAN BRUV? – JAFZYHD

What are your thoughts on this choice? Did he do the right thing? Is he a dumb idiot? Let us know what you think!