The Most Entertaining Street Fighter V Match


    Street Fighter V can be some exciting stuff to watch, but tournament matches and play-to-win styles aren’t as great for the casual viewers. Sometimes, an epic exhibition is where it’s at…and that’s what went down in this epic match.

    In a Ryu vs. Ryu showdown that took place a tournament, these players in an intense match that featured symmetrical movement, as well as some big combos. The back and forth nature of this one game makes for an incredible viewing experience, having close to seven million views on Twitter. Check it out below:

    Was this staged? It appears to be; the players knew what they were doing beforehand, as this was an exhibition for show and not an actual tournament match. But don’t let this deter you from how incredible this match is; it resembles many TAS videos with frame-perfect inputs to have the moves clank and everything look perfectly symmetrical. Even knowing that this match is fake can add to the experience, as you’ll watch it again knowing that if either player is a couple frames off, or if they input the wrong move, the entire match will be derailed.

    So, while it might disappoint some people to learn that this anime-style match didn’t take place in a high-stakes tournament, the fact that this all happened in real-time, with two players, and that it played out as perfectly as this did makes it a strong case for one of the most entertaining Streeter Fighter V matches that you will watch.