Watch This Marine Corps Veteran, Who Lost His Arm, Win A Round Of Apex Legends


    Apex Legends has been out for a couple of weeks now, and if you’re like me, it’s hard enough grabbing a gun and finding someone to shoot at. Most games end in bitter failure, yet if you were to tell me that I had to win a game with one arm, I would tell you to piss off.

    Well, one player has put us all to shame doing just that.

    Toeyouup is a Marine Corps veteran who, at the age of 24, lost his arm in a motorcycle accident. He has overcome this unfortunate setback and adapted his playstyle for video games by using his other arm as well as foot and toes in lieu of the missing hand. The results? Well, peep for yourself to see:

    The look of disbelief once he gets the final kill is a testament to how much hard work and perseverance toeyouup has put in to get to this point. It’s inspiring, and also equally depressing for scrub players such as myself who place in the bottom three squads without any handicaps.

    If this has intrigued you, please go check out toeyouup’s Twitch channel, where he streams frequently. The channel is beginning to take off, with around 8,000 followers, and toeyouup has made it clear that he doesn’t mind discussing anything, including his amputation. Head over and support this incredible gamer!